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Volleyball made fun through aggressive play
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Shane Peterson

Volleyball Resume of Shane Peterson


Continue to grow in my ability as a coach to teach the players all they can be from a technical and tactical basis through training, experience, professional development and play.  I look to increase my responsibility and level of teams coached whether at a club, high school, or college level to continue to learn and grow as a coach.


I look for each player to get better at volleyball, love volleyball for the long haul, and learn about life.  I do that through teaching aggressive volleyball through individualized coaching highlighting each player’s strengths and working on each player’s weaknesses through “games” concentrating on specific skills and game like scenarios to prepare them for the match with goals & consequences while also teaching the why behind each “game”.


High  School Volleyball: Catholic Memorial Varsity Boys Assistant

Grade School Volleyball: Eight years girls
5th – 8th at St Jude Grade School, Wauwatosa: 4th at the Seton Tournament, 9-1 in 8th grade year, 7 of 8 players made their high school teams, 1 at CMH, 1 at DSHA, 1 at Pius: I started as an assistant coach for two years and took over as head coach for the last two years.  I am most proud of the growth of the team and it was my time to learn how to coach and teach players.  In addition, I discovered how much I had to learn so I sought out knowledge on techniques to teach and strategies to use during play.  Many teams’ parents and coaches would comment on the strong techniques of the players even if not the best players.
5th – 8th grade at St John Vianney, Brookfield: One 1st Place, two 2nd Place, and two 3rd places during tournaments.  Most proud of growth of the teams as many have gone on to play club ball and this last season I coached two teams and received many compliments on the strong knowledge of the players and the fun. 

Club Girls Volleyball: Midwest Penguins 15s (2009-2010), 16s (2010-2011), 14s & 13s (2011-2012), Improved coaching techniques each year and have become very positive toward player experiences.  Five players came back 15s to 16s with immediate acceptance, 10 of 15 players still playing during junior year of high school.  4 1st place tournament wins, 12 2nd place finishes.  Over the years I have grown through camps, suggestions, readings, videos, etc. to learn how to make the best of our teams making them strong enough that although the past three years have been 2s teams, we have beaten most 1s at our levels and many at the next age group.  Many have played well and have gone on to higher level teams and learned to play aggressively.

Club Boys Volleyball: Midwest Penguins 15s (2011-2012), Completed well against tough competition playing 16s most of the year.  I learned the differences between coaching male and female players as well as how to play well no matter what the competition.  As my team was usually always playing up one age group which made the competition better, but required the skill to keep parents and players involved / striving for their best.

Style / Methods

I am a very passionate, energetic coach looking to grow my players to be the best they can be through teaching of tactics and strategy.  I teach aggressive play through many aspects of play.  Serving is taught to use various serving methods; jump, float, and top-spin with emphasis on hitting deep, line, and short serves.  Serve receive / passing is taught to pass with hands-up where possible and keeping passers on their toes to move quickly to the ball.  Offense is taught to be run at varied tempos with emphasis on quick plays when possible to keep defense on their toes.  Middles are taught how to hit ones, twos, thirty-ones and slides to vary the attackers around the net while being able to run a 6-2 and 5-1.  In addition, setters are trained in various methods to run the offense, whether through the use of a 5-1, 6-2 or 4-2 international dependent upon the age of the players and the personnel available.  Hitters are taught to hit hards, line, and crosses as well as looking for the openings while maintaining a good transition to speed up the offense.  Liberos are taught to determine the offensive tendencies while believing / being trained on how they can get to every ball and pass to within three feet of target.


I break my year into three sections and adjust practices based on this schedule; pre, mid, and end of season.  My practices are broken down into fifteen minute increments specializing on all aspects of play.  The first part of the season is built around teaching the necessary skills to be learned for the rest of year emphasizing the style of play I want and the responsibility of each player.  The training is broken down to about 75% skills and 25% playing with all skills taught using game-like activity.  The middle section is geared towards dealing with issues that have come up during game / tournament play and what needs to be improved with timing of about 50% skills / 50% playing during the middle of the season.  Lastly, the end of the year is looking towards the end of the year tournament with 25% skills and 75% play time.  Throughout the year, specialty practices are geared towards each position as well as conditioning so that all players can play the long season strong.

Statistics / Review

I review each game / tournament play by videotaping them and then watching specifics.  I use video review for some practices or certain players to highlight areas that need improvement.  In addition, I use statistics to track objectivity for players play time and situational play.  Based on the availability of a team statistician, it has been as detailed as kills, serves, setting, etc. or as simplistic as positive / negative play.


USAV IMPACT & CAP I & II Training: Learned how to involve game like scenarios into training and improved on techniques for middles, defense, passing, and setting
CPR Certified: Training on all aspects related to players’ health; heart attacks, seizures, choking, etc.
Concussion & Heat Exhaustion Training: Training on the importance of head injuries and signs of same
Video & Book Review – Have watched over 40 hours videos / 15 books on the subject of conditioning, techniques, strategies, coaching techniques, improving player performances

Record 348-297-1 (54%)

2014-2015: 8-19 Waukesha North Varsity Boys, 10-1 Milwaukee Sting 14 White through 1/21/2015

2013-2014: 3-20 Waukesha North Varsity Boys, 53-37 Milwaukee Sting 14 White

2012-2013: 25-10 Catholic Memorial Varsity Boys, 49-29 Milwaukee Sting 14 White, 5-20 Grade School 14s
2011-2012: 53-25-1 Girls 14-2, 14-19 Boys 15-1, 11-25 Grade School 13s two teams
2010-2011: 29-22 Girls 16-2, 9-11 Grade School 12s | 2009-2010: 36-19 Girls 15-2, 9-5 Grade School 11s
2008-2009: 16-9 Grade School 14s | 2007-2008: 10-8 Grade School 13s
2006-2007: 9-9 Grade School 12s | 2005-2006: 9-9 Grade School 11s

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