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Volleyball made fun through aggressive play
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Waukesha North Volleyball

Fall Youth League:

The league is geared towards using the skills learned in camp or if unavailable to attend the camp to learn them and use them playing volleyball. I have included an attachment regarding the camp that you are free to share with others. The league starts around 8/15 depending upon coaching / gym availability and goes until the end of October. Practice is twice per week with matches on either Saturday or Sunday dependent upon the age group. We provide the same kind of training taught at the camp while also teaching defense and offensive schemes. Once again, this is open to any boy from fifth to eighth grade with some exceptions made for younger players if the skill may be advanced. We look to split teams by age group, so, early sign-up is important. While we will have "tryouts" / splits on Fri, 7/14 from 5-7 PM at North Gym, this is open to ALL boys in the area attending ANY high school in the future. Our goal is to teach boys volleyball earlier and is supported by multiple schools / coaches. We may have practices at different schools based on the age groups. I have included those that played in the past as well as my high school players in case you know younger players.

  • When: Aug 15 - Oct 31, 2017, plus matches Saturday and / or Sunday
  • Tryout: Friday, July 14th, 2017 5-7 PM, Waukesha North Gym
  • Where: Waukesha High School Gyms plus Center Court
  • Who: Boys entering 5th through 8th grade in the fall
  • Cost: $150 per participant / $125 per year if you played previously

Open Gyms:

Looking for a good Workout? Trying a new Sport? Having fun with friends? Volleyball Open gyms are for you. There is a bit of skill, a bit of hitting, and a lot of playing. Come and have fun, even if you aren't going out in the fall!


Returning players? Basketball Players looking for a pre-season workout? Past football / soccer players looking for an inside sport? We want you. The new season is quickly approaching and we want to see you on the North Team!

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